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Jon offers some encouraging words and reminds her that he has her back no matter what.While at a NOH8 campaign photo shoot, Nikki tells Trinity and Eva Marie about John's suspicious behavior.

Wrestlers dating divas 2016

He advises her to get the surgery now, but Nattie decides she's going to suck it up because the chance to fight in the Divas match is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

John has a serious look on his face and says that he has to tell her something.

Nattie freaks out because she has the upcoming Divas Championship fight. Or hold off on getting the surgery until after the fight?

She has a lot of thinking to do before making a decision.

In hopes of getting his attention, Nikki goes and puts on a sexier outfit. Nattie and her husband TJ go to the doctor's office so that she can get x-rays done on her nose.

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