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Tragically, their relationship ended when Cam, who had been suffering sever depression, committed suicide when convinced that Maya would be better off without him in her life.

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This friendship gradually blossoms into a romance towards the end of the first half of Season 12.

Despite dealing with many obstacles, including a messy love triangle with Zig and Maya's annoyance with his lack of physical/verbal affection, the two overcame them and were happily a couple, completely in love.

She is known as Celebrity Actress Maia Campbell's closest confident and friend.

Rhoda is credited for assisting Maia's comeback career and is Releasing/ Publishing and Editing Maia's book and two books currently with her dad on Amazon.

Rhoda is a Celebrity Stylist, Real Estate Broker, Model, Fashionista who customizes and Blings out Jewelry and Furs & Accessories. Pruitt is regarded as Music Royalty known as The Celeb Kid of JCB (The Jimmy Castor BUNCH) The young and single Socialite and her dad & Maia Campbell are new Authors registered with the Library of Congress and are in the midst of self publishing!

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