Who is jennifer biele dating

Biel also auditioned for the role of Fantine in had other noteworthy stars like the then-golden Kevin James, Adam Sandler, and Julia Roberts doing the heavy lifting in terms of ticket sales.

None of her other movies broke the million mark, which studio heads read as Biel not being able to open a movie by her lonesome. Biel starred as a woman who became a nymphomaniac after a clumsy workman got a nail stuck in her head and she couldn't afford insurance.

The first came in 2005, when she played the ex-girlfriend of Orlando Bloom in Cameron Crowe's big followup to .

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It finally came out in 2015 as in a limited release, and it was put together so sloppily that David O.

Russell changed the directorial byline on the film to "Stephen Greene." Critics agree that the film could have had potential if it hadn't been flatlined by financial problems.

She hasn't proven that she's a real actor." We think she just needs more standout roles. "Jessica was fuming when she heard she didn't get the role of Catwoman," the insider dished.

"She really thought she was going to get it, but when Christopher Nolan handed the role to Hathaway, she was devastated." It wasn't the only role she lost to Hathaway.

In 2016, the actress teamed up with a bunch of famous foodies and other LA types to open Au Fudge, a restaurant in West Hollywood designed to please both kids and adults.

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