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His efforts are threatened when a politician seeks to knock the family restaurant down to build a mall.

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His wandering eye relates to his beliefs about true love: for him, there is no such thing. “나랑 자려면 50만원 내요.”서로간의 밀고 당기는 줄다리기가 반복되면서 그들은 어느새 ‘연애’에 진입하게 된다. While some think that they should go hand in hand, it seems that the characters in Rules Of Dating see these things as apples and oranges.

In his view, dating is meant solely for sexual gratification. The result is a sexy, mature, and unconventional romance that may be too challenging for some. Rules Of Dating (or known in the subtitles as To Do Or Not To Do) stars Kang Hye Jung (Old Boy) and Park Hae Il (Memories of Murder) as high school student teacher Choi Hung and her counselor Yu Lim.

Dating isn't easy, but it gets even more complicated when it happens in the workplace.

And if the two people dating are already involved with other people, then that's a whole new batch of complications to add to the equation. Director Han Jae Rim received the Best New Director Award at the 43rd Daejong Awards for his work in this unconventional tale of lust and love.

What this is, is about despicable and demeaning guy that tries everything to sleep with his coworker even though he has a girlfriend.

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