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As wrestling fans are undoubtedly aware, Stephanie Mc Mahon only “punished” Brock Lesnar by fining him 0.

The same site — — also confirmed additional WWE rumors about Paul Heyman (and the WWE) actually condoning the actions of Lesnar.

These latest WWE rumors are coming courtesy of has laid the groundwork for what will amount to be yet another battle royale courtesy of the former MMA fighter.

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Buy a funky summer hat or make your own head band at home.

Contrast and coordinate cool scarves and bandanas to cover part of your forehead.

Learn how to apply attractive eye makeup, so that the focus of your face is centered on your eyes and distracts the viewer’s attention away from the forehead.

This is especially useful when used alongside a camouflage technique such as an appropriate hairstyle or accessories. Hair Styles For a Large Forehead A large forehead also makes the face elongated.

But all these just seem like pretty ideas to comfort yourself with when you have a forehead that’s disproportionately large for your face.

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