Updating steam platform stuck Sex chat 1 on one

I had to open a console and run "cedega Steam Install.exe," rather than using the UI, but that doesn't matter: Steam installed... This screen seemingly uses 100% CPU indefinitely, and nothing, not even the cancel button have any effect. ) After the install, Steam immediately launches itself and goes to a "Updating Steam..." screen. If you installed Steam in the default directory, you'll want to open a terminal and type the following into it: With the debian packages from net this will cause troubles. (Otherwise the iptables rules still exist and send traffic to moblock which is no more running. Instead of stopping noblock you can also remove the "steam" lines from the blocklist or whitelist the blocked IPs (see what is blocked in /var/log/moblock.log). 4: Restart your computer and allow it to load up in safe mode. 6: Load up Steam, once it completes the update, log in. I dont know if it will allow the update but it does allow downloads Shutting down Zone Alarm was the solution for me too. Steps: Shut Down Zone Alarm, Run Steam, Update Normally, Run Zone Alarm.

however, it looks like the solution is Cedega-only... If you're running Peer Guardian or Moblock, they'll block Steam from connecting.

However, last night I had an epiphany and I fixed my "Updating Steam..." / "0%" problem: I disabled moblock.

The cancel button RESPONDS (i.e., gets "pressed" in looking), but never does anything.

Steam used to work on my PC too, so it might have been a WINE update that broke it. Before I run Steam, I just do a "sudo killall moblock", and it's fixed. (Make sure you have your firewall turned off as well...) Uchihakid23: You'll want to open up a terminal, and then change directories to the directory where you installed Steam to.

However, I tried it again after shutting down my firewall program, Zone Alarm (even though I had given Steam permissions).

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