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The firmware is reported to have only one issue, which is the same issue that exists in Rebug 4.46 with Cobra on DEX mode. You will need use Rogero's downgrader 3.7 to downgrade, before installing.It'll mess up vsh and start going really slow until it freezes, with Cobra enabled while in DEX. You can use the toggles to turn Cobra off, to have working DEX mode. Features So far this has been tested and confirmed working on CECHA01 CECHB01 CECHC01 CECHC04 CECHH02 CECHJ01 CECHK02 CECHK04 CECHL01 CECHM03 CECHP01 CECHQ01 CECH-2001B CECH-2002A CECH-2003A CECH-2003B CECH-2004A CECH-2004B CECH-2102A CECH-2102B CECH-2103B CECH-2104A CECH-2104B CECH-2501A CECH-2501B CECH-2502A CECH 2503A CECH 2503B CECH-2504A CECH 2504B and with special thanks for lot's of testing from @pauline45 .

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Telltale Games' adaptation of The Walking Dead returns Dec. A two-part episode will be available at launch, reintroducing players to Clementine, and pairing her with a new protagonist, Javier.

The finale of Batman: The Telltale Series will arrive Dec. Here’s the synopsis from Telltale for “City of Light,” the fifth and final episode of the series’ first season: In Episode 5, the leader of the Children of Arkham prepares to execute the final act of a plan to destroy the Wayne family name, and the people closest to you are in their path of vengeance. Telltale noted that the finale will begin in “very different places” depending on the choice that players made at the end of the fourth episode. The third season of Telltale Games’ acclaimed Walking Dead series of adventure games looks to be as heart-wrenching as ever, as seen in footage the studio debuted tonight at The Game Awards 2016.

Can Batman’s ultimate secret be kept — his very identity — when it is causing chaos and death in Gotham? The premiere of A New Frontier, the third season, is called “The Ties that Bind.” Clementine, the hero of the first two seasons, will return alongside a second playable protagonist, a new character named Javier. In short, what do the numbers say about the value of this Play Station Plus benefit?

(Rockstar never ported Red Dead Redemption to PC, to the great dismay of the...

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