University chicago dating scene

Though I'm only a sophomore, it is already very clear that the university has incredible alumni network, and a group of career advisers that are dedicated to helping students leave UChicago with a job/arrangements.

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The Core classes are usually taught in lecture halls, but also have classes periods that are broken up into smaller groups (during discussion).

Other classes can have as few as five students, like my Yucatec Maya class, which allows students to have awesome conversations with their professors and TA's.

Whether it's events in your residence hall, events on campus, or just studying for your major, I feel like it is pretty hard to be bored on this campus.

I'm giving it three stars because I personally find it to be challenging here, but only because my major (which is Nursing! It is definitely more oriented around academics and less around the party scene.

It's truly beautiful; it faces the lake and it is just a god-sent to wake up to every morning.

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