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Take in the Chihuly exhibit at the ROM before it closes on January 8th, visit the Toronto Maple Leafs Centennial …

[Read more...]If you're looking for a family-friendly outing to close off the year or want to start the New Year out on the town, we’ve compiled a list of what’s open and closed on New Year's Eve (Dec. [Read more...]You don't have to be Wayne Gretzky or Patrick Chan to love a good glide over the ice.

There’s still plenty to do around the city, from holiday favourites like Riverdale Share, The Nutcracker and the Toronto Christmas Market to shopping …

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The 35-year-old athlete revealed the exciting marriage news in the form of a poem on Thursday (29Dec16) via Reddit, the chat website her fiance co-founded in 2005.

Before we get any further, there is a huge difference between a man with a beard and a man who is trying to grow a beard.

We don't ask you to shave your head "just to see what you look like." Don't ask us to screw around.

We'll shave it if we want to, and then probably grow it back out in three weeks.

If he says this to you, he wants you to see what a great producer he is. He knows he’ll never have you mounted on his wall and likes it that way. I’ve quoted this before in my blogs and here it is again. Tell him something along the lines of this: “I really want you to be happy. Let him “explore all those possibilities” if there are any. If he’s a jerk, and leaves you-you win because who needs that? You let him “chase you” by letting him call, letting him make the plans. (After you’re an established couple, yes you can start calling him) 4.

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