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The reasons could be attributed to various geometries of the sensors and rheometers, testing procedure and the inhomogeneity of the material itself.Another way to investigate the rheological behavior of materials can be made with the application of a falling/pulling ball viscometer.Concrete Testing Equipment for all your needs is available from M&L - from fresh concrete testing to concrete testing for repair work.

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This helps the SCC to satisfy the performance requirement in the field, such as giving a smooth surface finish, encapsulate the reinforcement without blocking of aggregates, etc.

Because of the material performance in its fresh state, the existing testing methods for conventional concrete are no longer suitable for SCC.

The research strategies are: (1) to better understand the fundamental aspect of rheology; (2) to develop new techniques based on simple concepts; and (3) to develop the corresponding equipment that is both lab- and field-friendly.

To be different from the existing methods for testing SCC, it is required that these new methods can help to evaluate the properties of SCC not only qualitatively but quantitatively.

Among the existing test methods, slump flow test, using the traditional slump cone, is the most common testing method for flowability (or filling ability) and was standardized in September 2005 as ASTM C 1611.

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