Scott patterson dating tips

What's interesting is many of these places hire younger women to work there, so if you've got a pretty good routine, you can easily pick them up.

2- Be mature There is one weak spot which all younger women have- they ALL want to feel like a mature adult. These type of women are in the position where they want to have more independence.

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6- Get her alone Now when you go out on the date, continue to be lighthearted and fun.

Use your seduction techniques to build attraction and rapport.

Just remember you have to fit a certain role and be the right kind of person.

If you follow the 6 steps I've outlined in this article, you should easily meet and attract a lot of younger women in to your life. If so, take a look at Scott Patterson's Free e Book where you'll learn a guaranteed step-by-step system for approaching, attracting and seducing ANY woman.

This is just *WILD* speculation, but imagine if Luke and Lorelai split up and it’s because she’s grieving the loss of her father!?

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