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We learned that we needed to use C in order to have a product that we actually wanted.We learned a lot about the C language and developed an application for a market of devices that has many practical uses. this rom is designed for Tilt2 and not Touch Pro2 because of the keyboard layout.

Optimizing the keyboard is a must to ensure that its footprint doesn't affect the usability of the apps it is implemented in.

Solved: How to hard reset AT&T Tilt 2: With the device turned off, press and hold the TALK/SEND, END and POWER buttons until you see... Your device restarts and displays the Home screen.4.

Resetting Your AT&T Tilt2 Device Performing a soft reset Perform a soft (normal) reset to clear all active program memory and shut down all active programs. Replace the back cover and insert the stylus back into its compartment.

This is useful when your device is running slower than normal, or a program is not performing properly. Performing a hard reset If a normal reset does not solve a system problem, you can perform a hard (full) reset.

In addition, we demonstrated potential uses of Tilt2Type by using the Markit On Demand financial data API; by entering a one to five character stock symbol and holding the select button, the user can obtain the full name and price of that particular stock.

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