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Yahoo uses information (including anonymous and pseudonymous information, as well as personally identifiable information) for the following general purposes: to personalise the advertising and content that you see, fulfil your requests for products and services, improve our services, contact you, conduct research and provide anonymous reporting for internal and external clients.

Your personal information may be transferred to countries other than your own, especially to servers in the United States, to process and store data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and to provide you with products and services.

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“Data” and “information” includes information about you that is personally identifiable, such as your name, address, email address or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available.

Where applicable, we explicitly point out the use of personally identifiable data within our privacy policies.

Yahoo may set and access Yahoo cookies on your computer.

We may also set and access device identifiers which could include IP address, user agent information (browser version, OS type and version) and device-provided identifiers.

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