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Shocking CCTV footage (bottom right) shows the man brandishing an AK-47 outside the exclusive nightclub.Mehmet Dag, 22, was passing the club as the killer entered. Among the victims was a 27-year-old female private security guard from northeast Turkey.Mariah Carey has blamed her train wreck New Year's Eve performance in Times Square on sabotage by executives hungry for ratings.

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Documentary filmmaker, Sean Mc Allister, said it was time Hull shared its secrets with the world and said the event was unique.

Sarah-Jayne Ljungstrom, 35, from Richmond, south west London, posted a series of Facebook Live videos documenting the labour, starting with her first hospital trip after her waters broke.

New Year's Eve celebrations suddenly turned sour when a terrifying fight broke out in a Manchester bar.

Shocking footage shows screaming bystanders diving for cover as ferocious revellers throw punches and even bottles at each other.

Pictured, Kate Spicer before, top right, and after, bottom right, the treatment.

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