Niall horan on dating

I like her.” Niall, who conveniently paused, dodged the question a bit when he said, “Sort it out! Maybe that Niall and Selena romance ship has officially sailed since he told Ryan he “prefers” to be single.

He dished that his last committed relationship was “about a year” ago.

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“In fact, for the time being she’s been advised not to date.

Plus, dating is pretty much the last thing on her mind now.

the former One Direction member gushed over Sel’s stunning looks.

When one of the hosts said Selena was beautiful, Niall amped it up and replied, “She’s very beautiful.” Awe! Things got a bit crazier when the other host daringly said, “Would you be willing to fight [Justin] Bieber though? If anything happens he’s going to be like, ‘Where’s Niall? Niall shook off any awkwardness and gave it a big ole’ laugh.

Every other month since, they've been like, "Yeah, it's def happening," or "Totes, we're so collab-ing," but no bops ever came to fruition and fans started to develop doubts.

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