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He wants it to go away as fast as possible.” We can understand how he feels blindsided and we are waiting for him to make an official statement.

Taylor’s Facebook profile says: “Taylor Lianne Chandler’s life changed on September 30 when her relationship with Michael Phelps, was made public.” Something to make note of, there are no pics of Taylor and Michael ever together. It was the first time in my life that someone has made me feel like a true woman.” Hollywood Lifers, should Michael even be dating on Tinder?

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Call me on my cell at 619-322-8333 or fill out my ” I was fortunate enough to have my oldest daughter purchase a 6 lesson private instruction plan from Michael Major at Torrey Pines.

When asked what he was intending to do when he walked into Weiss's office on November 12, 2012 carrying a duffel bag filled with a sledgehammer, a steak knife and zip ties, Nolan said: 'You know, I intended to kill him.'Nolan shown left and Weiss, right.

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