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Among them, more than half (55%) say they mostly or only use Spanish when posting Facebook updates or tweets. S.-born Latino social networking site users, 86% say they mostly or only use English when engaging with social media.In our Social media fast facts series, we examine social networks, local influencers and popular brands on social around the world.

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In 2013, Peer Reach found that Brazil was the fifth biggest Twitter user, with 4.3% of global users (behind the UK and ahead of Spain), while Mexico had 3%, Argentina 2.6% and Colombia 1.9%.

However, when it looked at the number of active Twitter users compared to internet users, it found that Venezuela led Latin America, with 14% of internet users also using Twitter.

It’s the largest market for You Tube outside of the USA.

By July 2013, You Tube accounted for 16.7% of all social network visits made by Brazilians each month.

Other differences across demographic subgroups are present.

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