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After the split, two years ago, from Russell Simmons, her fashion-music-lifestyle-mogul paramour of 13 years, Kimora Lee Simmons, the refreshingly big-mouthed model turned glamazon author, entrepreneur, mother of two, and reality-television star of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, wasn't sure she could really stomach dating again.

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“I’m blessed to be with someone who has similar parenting goals, family goals and ideals in mind,” she says. Still, she and her ex have their differences when it comes to co-parenting their daughters. Now they do use the computer for research as a study tool in a controlled environment. I want everything to be educational and constructive about their time and their creativity.

“Russell tried to send them a Blackberry,” she tells me. Their computer is in the kitchen in a family environment. But they will have cell phones and everything in due time.” Kimora considers herself to be a strict parent. I want them to expand their minds, and not to be tunneled in by garbage you see on TV.

I tell them, 'Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, Djimon loves you. I take my hat off to Kimora for the way she's carried them along with her business. It's extremely commendable what they do with the kids."Mutual admiration aside, though, there is one thing that we are ignoring in this lovey-dovey romance: Djimon's sex appeal. (See Amistad, In America, and the Calvin Klein underwear ads for which he would sometimes work out three times a day in preparation.) He is aware there's an irony in stripping down to your skivvies after being nominated for an Oscar. "He's a reality check for me, and I'm a fabulosity check for him," Kimora says.

"After my breakup, I thought, I don't need anything.

"It's to get yourself together and go on with a vengeance. He had just been nominated for his role as an enslaved African fisherman in Blood Diamond."When you're not looking, that's when it happens," Kimora says with such authority that, though many people have said so before, it seems true only when it comes out of her mouth. "He said, 'Are you really going to use that number, or are you going to use it for business? A few days later, Djimon texted her; she called him immediately. In fact, Djimon says he's attracted to strong women who go after what they want.

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