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CLICKING PLAY OPENS TO A NEW PAGE THAT IS THE ACTUAL GAME.--------------------------------------------------------------------NOW ON NEWGROUNDS AS WELL PLAY HERE IF YOU WANT TO [link]ALSO KALEIDOSCOPE 2 COMING SOON! ************************************************IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING BUTTON PROBLEMS PLEASE SHARE SOME SCREENSHOTS BECAUSE ALL THE BUTTONS SHOULD BE WORKING. There's also a help on top of the menu if there's any problems. Endings: Best End x4Neutral End x4Surprise End (it's the best one in my opinion)Bad End x2If I can do math right that adds up to 11 endings.... EXAMPLE2: TOMONLY SENT IT TO 5 PEOPLE CUZ HE THOUGHT HED BE SAFE AND IT WAS PROBLY JUST A JOKE BUT OH HOW RONG WAS HE! YOU ALSO NEED TO ENABLE COOKIES IN ORDER TO HAVE A SAVE FILE.************************************************GRAPHICS BY: CODING Action Script 3 BY: KYO STORY: IF YOU FIND ANY PROBLEMS PLEASE TELL Here's what we encountered. It's completely new for all of us since AS2 and AS3 are kind of different. NUMMYZ HAS ADDED A MINI TUTORIAL ON THE OTHER PAGE. HE DIED THE NEXT NIGHT ON MONDAY AND ILL TELL YA NOW IT WASNT PRETTY(JUST CUZ HE SENT FIVE HE DIDNT COMPLETE THE TASK)EXAMPLE3: JOEANNASENT IT TO 19 PEOPLE SHE THOUGHT IT WAS CLOSE ENOUGH AND WOULD DO BUT SHE WAS WRONG SHE DIED THAT NIGHT ON A MONDAY AND ONCE AGAIN IT WASNTDONT READ THIS. Luckily he as Java knowledge so it wasn't devastating. I only know everything cause I drew the everything lol.

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A girl who has created a dream world within her mind.

After drinking a potion she finds herself trapped within the dream world she created.

say your mum's name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible.

Category: Dating Games Description: Cero is a painter who once suffered from terrible insomnia.

You have 30 days to find your one true love within the dream world.

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