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He liked to dance, and he liked to do all of these things that I liked to do. I realized that I would just have to give up dancing. Your academic and professional background is high level and sophisticated. A lot of people they are sort of temporarily insane so to speak. I wasn’t used to this kind of behavior from anybody. This was very different to me, very overly dramatic. Most of the time he was very charming, and whenever he made up with me he would bring me perfume and jewelry. They might flatter them and say, “We’ve got a place for you to live. You don’t have to go hungry again.” They have a contact with god or their contact is a higher being so to speak. He liked to go to fancy restaurants and he kind of like took me out. Later on when I began to realize what was going on and I started to think straight again like I used to think, then I realized what a mistake I had made in my life and I would never do it again of course. I know how to keep my common sense now, my bearings. The signs of controling-ness and violence, those are the two major signs. Anne: You mentioned that he got very upset if you went to visit your family and your children. The typical abuser who when he makes up, he spends a lot of money on you, buys you jewelry and perfume and those things. No matter how much they spend on you, it’s not worth it.

We also have our chat room open on the website at if you want to get involved in the online chat. If I was younger like in my 20s I might go along with it.

So, actually how would you recommend that people avoid this trap all together? To me it was like a joke, sort of like a game he was playing, and that’s why I left him several times.

If you have any questions or comments about spam we would really love to hear them. Call 866Monday6 now if you have a question or a comment for our guest tonight. He had all of these women over there and he had them lying on a couch and he was doing hands on healing. It was kind of weird, with candles and it was dark inside. Originally he came to earth he said to save people. You can send us a message via Twitter at @mondayradio or by Facebook at So, Barbara, when did you start realizing that you really needed to get away from this guy? So, he probably doesn’t do it anymore because she doesn’t believe in it. He owned some TV repair shops and other major appliance stores. One was one of the ladies that work the bar during bike week. I’m not going to tell you what his real name is, but his name is Tyrell Toro. It’s kind of like a play on words so to speak, but the way I describe him in the book, how his face turned red and he got very angry and the veins stood out on his neck, is exactly the way he was in real life. There were other people too, but there were mostly homeless people that stayed there. So, all of these very creepy people, I call them creepy people, were living back there. Occasionally this son of his would get in a fight with his girlfriend. However, I just felt very uncomfortable about that as well. I couldn’t believe that this Tyrell was against drugs, let he allowed his being codependent allowing his son to do it on the property with his girlfriend. Anne: I have to agree with you that that is pretty creepy stuff.

Give us a call at our spiffy, splendid, wonderful new toll free number. We will be talking about cults and relationships within cults. I got involved with it on Wednesday nights, and before you knew it I was dating him. He had all of these different gods and goddesses all over the room and Buddhas and angels, lots of angels. Well he had this glorified thing about himself, this big ego thing, thinking he was going to save the world and save all of these homeless people that were on the streets of Daytona. Barbara: Well the first time we broke up, we had been dating about nine months and he kept saying he was madly in love with me and all this sort of thing. He’s never driven down in this direction where I live south of Daytona. I’ve been avoiding all of the areas where we used to hang out. She belongs to the yacht club, and they go to the yacht club together. Plus, I guess the other one was this new woman that hooked up with him that he met in Oktoberfest the year before. Anne: Did he only bring in women, or were there also male members of this cult? There was the one guy from North Carolina he used come down every winter and spends the whole winter down there on his property and stay there. He used to this cult in Ashville, North Carolina were so-called Merlin, he thought he was the reincarnation of Merlin in the King Arthur saga. They had no place to stay and he said they could stay in the back. They stayed there for three months until he found out that the woman was stealing from him. I found out that earlier in life he himself used to smoke weed. They would get in a fight and they would have to go to the hospital because he beat her up. Anne: So there was never a time where they tried to get you or other members to take drugs? This was going on with the guy just beating her up. We have a question from the chat room, the question is, Barbara, do you have any psychological background information about this man’s past that might suggest why he chose to become this cult leader with followers like this? His wife told me that he spent all of his time on his motorcycle going around and didn’t…well he would be working at his businesses, but he would also be going around ignoring the kids, ignoring her needs.

Posted on 4月 13, 2008Filed Under from ORG | 以前、皮肉たっぷりなタイトルを持ってきて、すぱっと自虐コラムを書いてしまったオルグマスターですが、ライブ三昧で生きてきた50代の人間に「伝説のバンド」とまで言わせるのは、どこらへんなのでしょうか。こちら、その半分も生きていないので、正直わかりかねます。何もかもが伝説の範疇というか……。あくまでも個人的な感覚ですが「伝説」なんて言葉を使いたくなるのは、いまだ生で見たことのないアーティストだったりしますね。何となくですが。 さて、今回はそんな思わせぶりな噂の持ち出しは一切なしです。すなわち、本領発揮なすっぱ抜き。毎年、話題となるカントリーやフォーク系の名前がようやっと、ここで発表です。そしておそらく、UKデイに絡んでくるであろう名前もちらほらと見受けられます。4月15日正式発表、第4弾全21アーティスト! ラジオ『Real Deal』はもちろんオト付きで! まず興味をそそるのが、ボブ・ディランの影響で音楽を始め、詩人としても有名な友部正人。思えば、今まで名前ひとつで出演したベテランたちは、フジという空間を飲み込むような圧倒的ライブを繰り広げてきました。井上陽水しかり、加藤登紀子しかり……。友部正人から、日本の旧き良き楽曲たちをレパートリーに組み込むキセルという流れが実現したら、これはもうどっぷりと浸れる感じで最高じゃないですか? そして、できることなら山にいて欲しい彼らが、またしても形態を変えて戻って来ます。菊地成孔はNARUYOSHI KIKUCHI DUB SEXTETとして、ベンジーは浅井健一でもJUDEでもなくSHERBETSとして。ひととこでは収まりきらない才能をまた爆発させてくれるはずです。 去年のHOT CLUB OF COWTOWNに惚れ込んだなら是非見て欲しい、セピア色の世界を泳ぐJANET KLEINが登場です。前回の来日ではカタコトノニホンゴを交えた相当楽しいライブだったそう。毎回、面白いアーティストを呼んでくれるトムス・キャビンはSXSWとも繋がっていて、そのアンテナはかなり期待できます。 騒ぎたい人向けに、ステージ前をわやくちゃにするだろう反逆の楽団が2つ。BANDA BASSOTTIとのイタリア・ツアー経験もあるDORBERMAN(写真)に、こっち発ステージ経由、最後はあっちで終……らないかもしれないOZOMATLIが決定しています。 さらに、TRAVISも決定。ある人は去年、彼らを見るため”だけ”に海沿いのイベントへ出向いたというね。そして言いました「できることなら山で聴きたひ。」と。もしやTHE CRIBSにKASABIANらと共に「UKデイ」に絡む、なんてこともあるかもしれません。あと、申し訳程度にとどめておきますが、BEN FOLDSが再び日本のフェスに出演ということで、こちら、ほっと胸を撫で下ろしております。 15日には、以下の21アーティストが正式発表される予定です。今からチェックして、妄想の中でタイムテーブルなぞ組んでみてください! ASPARAGUS / BEAT CRUSADERS / BEN FOLDS / Bill Laswell presents Method of Defiance / THE CRIBS / Dat A / DOBERMAN / GOTYE / JANET KLEIN / JASON FALKNER / JASON MRAZ / KASABIAN / キセル / NARUYOSHI KIKUCHI DUB SEXTET / OZOMATLI / THE RASCALS / Riddim Saunter / SHERBETS / 友部正人 / TRAVIS / WHITE LIES(第4弾全21アーティスト:アルファベット順) Photo by org-hanasan, illustration by org-aizy, and comment by org-taiki.

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