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These energy QA measurements take significant time to set up and adjust for different energies.

It is this type of clinical challenge that will be addressed by OMA.

Protons are heavy charged particles that penetrate tissue for a short but precise distance and deposit most of their energy at the end of the beam so the target cancer is destroyed but the healthy tissue is spared.

This remarkable phenomenon is called the ‘Bragg peak’.

A training network began in February called Optimising Medical Accelerators.

The network’s research programme has been defined with the input of partners from across universities, research centres and private companies at the leading edge of this technology to ensure it reflects the major challenges affecting the discipline. Welsch of the University of Liverpool’s Department of Physics, based at the Cockcroft Institute, is coordinating the OMA initiative.

He explains that accelerator training at this level cannot be delivered effectively by a single institute or one country: “Within OMA we are developing a medical accelerator community.

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