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    Dating rocks from the moon

    The full Moon on March 19, 2011 coincided with the Moon being at its orbital perigee, an uncommon coincidence that made it appear (slightly) larger and brighter than most full Moons.

    To come up with the new lunar age estimate, the team analysed Moon rocks taken from the lunar surface during the Apollo 14 mission.In case you need a refresher, the Moon is thought to have formed from the leftover matter that was sheared off Earth after a collision with Theia - a planet-sized object that existed in the early Solar System - or perhaps a bunch of smaller objects.The impact that formed the Moon could have been large enough to wipe out any living thing on Earth, so knowing when that collision occurred is important if we hope to understand the evolution of our own planet, and when early life took root here.But even that age might have been affected by the subsequent shock heating event that reset the low-temperature components in this rock about 500 million years after it formed. (2003) Chronology, geochemistry, and petrology of a ferroan noritic anorthosite clast from Descartes breccia 67215: Clues to the age, origin, structure, and impact history of the lunar crust. 645-661.nderstanding the origins of planetary systems is one of the most central and challenging questions in planetary science.By examining data for all of the previously dated lunar anorthosites, we were able to show that plagioclase feldspar is more prone to shock damage than are the pyroxenes in these rocks, so we plotted only the pyroxene data for four different anorthosites on a samarium-neodymium isochron diagram. The idea that the planets in our Solar System were assembled from a rotating disk of dust and gas known as the Solar Nebula is reasonably well established, but in detail we know surprisingly little about the actual events that lead to construction of the planets.

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