Dating tips on the sims 2 deluxe

You can click on this, then "More" then "Make everyone here friends with me", which helps if you need friends to get promoted, or to complete an aspiration task.

Maximum skills To fill your skills to the maximum level instantly, enable the "bool Prop Testing Cheats Enabled true" code.

Note: Do not enable or use the Postprocessing cheats unless your video card supports pixel shaders.

Then, pause the game without going into build or buy, and select your skills icon.

When you are in the tab with the skill meter click and drag the pointer over the desired skill bar to raise it.

Testing cheats mode While playing the game, press [Ctrl] [Shift] C to display the console window.

Enter "bool Prop Testing Cheats Enabled true" to activate testing cheats mode.

A strange code will appear at the top right hand corner.

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