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There his troubles are increased when his colleague, Phil Bourne, discovers what is going on and urges him to see it as their chance to become heroes.

When they try to find the owner of the phone, they are snatched off the streets.

When Sam Pinkett discovers a discarded mobile at the scene of an isolated car accident, the voice on the other end of the line, thinking Sam to be the phone owner, tells him that they will kill his kidnapped wife unless they meet him by 5pm.

Terrified, hungover and already very late for work – where his recently ex-girlfriend Lizzie has become his boss – Sam opts to head into the office with the phone before telling the police.

The humour in their new TV series, Baynton and Corden decided, would arise not so much from deliberate jokes as from the sheer realistic ineptitude of the heroes' attempts to cope with a high-stakes melodrama constantly snowballing further out of their control.

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