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Switzerland has a long tradition of openness to the world but jealously guards its independence and neutrality.It did not join the United Nations until 2002, and two referenda on membership in the European Union have failed by wide margins.

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Tasty Swiss and international cuisine including a choice of vegetarian options is served in the restaurant of the Waldstätterhof Swiss Quality Hotel.

This is our guests' favourite part of Luzern, according to independent reviews.

if two or more prostitutes work in the same premises, the establishment must be registered as a “massage parlor.” They do have to be careful and stick to the rules, as reportedly back in 2015, 33 of these “massage parlors” were shut down in Geneva for not having the correct permits and not following the law.

So far, the Department of Security and the Economy in Geneva is looking at the oral sex café’s business plans to see if it would be legal and viable, but to all intents and purposes the idea appears to “be perfectly within the bounds of the law.” There is some criticism of the idea; however, with Grégoire Théry of France’s anti-prostitution group “Mouvement du Nid” saying the idea of a café serving up oral sex only really benefits the men behind the business and would, in effect, legalize pimping.

The government is considered virtually free from corruption, and Switzerland was ranked fifth out of 175 countries in Transparency International’s 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index.

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