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"Rousseau was certainly a one-off artist, an autodidact, who you could call a ' Sunday painter', but we wanted to show that he was also an artist of his time.So the exhibition is not a classic biographical show," she told AFP.

Ken Allen even had a fan club, consisting mostly of pensioners who called themselves the Orang Gang.

One member, a lab assistant named Twyla Baker, printed a 100-subscriber newsletter called . A San Diego–based psychiatrist called Dennis Gersten was so inspired by Ken Allen that he wrote a song about him.

Juvenile Nonfiction refers to works of children’s nonfiction intended for children (ages 0-11; preschool-grade 6).

Works of children’s or juvenile nonfiction should be assigned subjects in this section only.

He walked down a public path toward crowds of tourists, stopping to look at the other animals as if he were a visitor before being led back to his cage.

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