Communication dating statistics

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Of course, dating always has its ups and downs, and various problems arise along the way, but add cultural differences to the natural course of dating, and you have yourself a recipe for roller-coaster dating. In some intercultural relationships, one partner speaks their second language (English) while the other partner speaks English as their first language.

In this case, the one for whom English is a second language has to put significantly more effort and time into communicating with their partner.

Communication is absolutely vital to any relationship being sustained and developing further and more deeply.

If both partners are keen on working on their communication, and they are both willing to put a lot of extra effort into communicating in their intercultural relationship, the relationship has a good chance of blossoming.

On the other hand, if one or both partners are unwilling or unable to spend substantial time and effort on communicating with each other, the relationship will, most likely, eventually fail.

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