Cocky funny online dating messages

Either way, you have to be careful because there's a thin line between confidence and arrogance.One will get you the guy, the other gets you kicked to the curb.

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so why not simplify things with some all-purpose material that works on everybody?

How about because most of the women you’ll run into on dating sites are already wise to that trick? No matter what you you’re saying, it tells her that you couldn’t be bothered to come with something original or even read her profile in the first place. This is another message that goes straight to the trash, if you’re lucky.

Odds are good that your email got lost in the churn of every other guy out there who was trying to get her attention as well…

and suffered the same fate as all the others, consigned to the digital garbage bin.

But confidence is an aphrodisiac and if you want to get the hard-to-get you have to project.

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