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If most people in this group would be interested in dating someone your age, then feel free to sign up for that event! A: We don't check IDs at the event, but we do want our participants to be "age appropriate".

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We're celebrating our anniversary tomorrow, and hopefully closing on a condo at the end of August! Cheers, Rob Frisch Rob Frisch & Thom Heil - Chicago, IL Event Organizer: Heidi Grossenbacher Dear 8minute Dating, For years, we went to the same gym, got coffee from the same shop, and bought sandwiches at the same deli.

But we never actually met until an 8minute Dating event on January 13, 2004. What started out as an 8-minute chat turned into a date for drinks, which turned into many dinners, which turned into a summer at the beach, which turned into a fall spent looking for an apartment, and then fall turned into winter again.

We just wanted to thank you for bringing us together the very best, luckiest, most wonderful thing that has ever happened to either of us.

As your website points out, a lot can happen in 8 minutes!

I recommend 8 minute dating to all my single friends and family!!!

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