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The Barn, one of the oldest structures on campus, was converted to a social center by Cornell alumni in the 1950s and underwent a complete renovation in 1991.Antiques and farm implements recollect the building’s past, while new additions remain faithful to its rustic atmosphere.We hate to be blunt, but this guy’s honestly got to go.

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Not only is he refusing to call you his girlfriend, but as he said in his text, he doesn’t even consider himself in a relationship with you.

Even if he was saying that just to mess with this girl’s head–an excuse that makes almost zero sense–the ease with which relationship denial rolls off his tongue speaks volumes about how little he respects you.

The Question: I was the person to submit the “why won’t he call me his girlfriend? I was ready to address my guy’s trust issues this weekend.

However, last night before bed his phone started to buzz.

He doesn’t mind if I look at his phone to tell him who might be texting or calling, but I never read it.

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