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You can use the Auto Format feature to quickly apply or change automatic formatting such as hyphens and dashes, fractions, hyperlinks, quotation marks, and bulleted or numbered lists.To turn off automatic formatting, simply clear each option you want to turn off on the Auto Format As You Type tab.

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Indent the first line of a paragraph by putting the cursor before the first line, and then pressing the TAB key.

Indent the whole paragraph by putting the cursor before any line in the paragraph (except the first line), and then pressing the TAB key.

Note: For information about the Auto Format tab, see Using the Auto Format tab and the Auto Format command in Word.

Draws a line when you type three consecutive instances of the following characters ~, #, *, -, _, or = on a new line, and then press ENTER.

Note: The title text automatically decreases by only one font size increment, for example from 44 to 40, based on the built-in font sizes for the font.

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