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In 2004, she appeared in Celebrity Mole: Yucatan, in which she was the "mole", the rogue agent sabotaging the group.

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Other movies she has appeared in include Jade (1995), and Executive Target (1997), Another 9½ Weeks (1997), Sexual Predator (2001), Bare Witness (2001), Wicked Minds (2002), Payback (2006), Bigfoot (2008), and Take Me Home Tonight (2011).

She has also appeared on a few game and reality shows.

The desired event finally took place last week at Blighty's own Blenheim Palace, nearly a decade on.

"I wanted to keep her a little anxious, just to keep her on her toes," explained the weathered Italian stallion, now 50.

she’s probably not giving it up so we need to do something.” Later on, more of the problems were uncovered when Kris told a group of pals “maybe there is another chapter for me” without Bruce.

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