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But while the world’s sexiest dermatologist is, technically, wrong in thinking so (the word originated in the theater world and has been around for much longer), no one can deny that has certainly served up its share of too-cute-for-words showmances (we’re looking at you, Jeff and Jordan), it has also dished out a number of super annoying ones.

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He was also flirting with just about every other girl in the house and ended up dumping Chiara before she got evicted.

This means their days of cuddling and strategizing are up and they’ll be separated until the season is over.

Later on in the season, however, Lisa won a reward allowing her to internet chat with people on the outside.

Our hearts melted when Eric showed up to surprise her and promised they’d go on a date in San Francisco.

history to get busy while in a house filled with cameras.

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