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He’s still vital, still hungry and still has something to say. Check out exhibit A: Waite’s wonderful new CD, All Access Live, which finds the gifted singer/songwriter and his smokin’ three-piece band delivering an electrifying eight song set of balls out rockers–The Babys’ .

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Ike & Tina Turner’s What You Hear is What You Get is a great live album. The whole thing is the interaction and once you take that away into the studio and rebuild it you take the music out of it.

RCM: You’ve done ten solo albums, what made this the right time to release a live record?

For some, playing music is a pastime, a welcome distraction from the daily grind of every day life.

For others, it’s an all-encompassing 24-7 commitment to the life altering power of rock and roll. The one common thread at the heart of his storied musical journey resides in two words: passion and authenticity.

But as the sole guitarist in a three-piece, Keri has to carry everything. I saw the change in his playing over time, it just became progressively more confident, defined and spontaneous, all the things that I love so much about great guitar players. It doesn’t matter how we do it; we might just give it to the radio or put it on as bonus tracks for albums to come.

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