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It contains live animal shows, a treehouse, a forest room, Jumpin' Junction, a workshop and a climbing wall. Now, it holds orangutans and western lowland gorillas.

The gorillas have a Gorilla Meadow, which has an area of 0.3 acres (1,200 m The exhibit includes two sub-exhibits, The Crawlspace and Amazing Amphibians.

It has artificial termite mounds for the free-roaming African animals, such as the East African crowned cranes, Grant's zebra, greater kudu, helmeted guineafowl, impala, Masai giraffe, Nile lechwe, ostrich, watusi cattle, and wildebeest.

There is also a 0.6-acre (2,400 m) section for African wild dogs.

It is likely that many more people visited the zoo to see the pandas, because of the media attention the zoo gained during the lawsuit.

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