Naughty chating between girl nd boy

In College Boys Die To Sit With A Girl ***************** Girl To customer care:-Mujhe 1 msg 40 logo ko bhejna h to kese bheju? 3- Pakistanis They have 1 wife & 4 girlfriend But they love their Secretary the most... D=Demand O=OF GIRL=GIRL So next time don't upset..! Boy: because youu have all the things I'm searching for .... 2- Americans They have 1 wife & 1 girlfriend But they love their wife the most. ***************** If any beautiful girl calls you DOG, then you don't be upset because full form of DOG is..?

***************** Boys ki zindagi k 2 asool hain... ***************** Boy: Boys are intelligent then girls! Boy: you always say intelli GENTS but you never say intelli LADIES! ***************** Boy: Main tmhy apna bana k chorga. 2nd boy: oh i remember them by the parts i like the best. ***************** Boys have fun by teasing girls, then girls cry for few mins. Tin Tin Tin ***************** Boy to a careless girl: I Love you! Girl: Ha Ha ha Boy: I will buy a diamond ring for u Girl: A Girl to Boy: Sab Chod Chad K Apne Salim Ki Gali Anarkali Disco Chali.

A Man Becomes Valuable When A Girl Drops A Tear For HIM N A Girl Is Priceless When A Boy Drops A Tear For HER . 3- Pakiztanis they have 1 wife & 4 girlfriend But they love their Secretary the most.. Funny Girlfriend: It's sufficient for me, But how will you survive? After marriage boy left her with in week Grl: why you did? ***************** 1st boy: you have got 15 girl friends, how do you recognize them? Boy: Touch your Head, You will feel the rhythm of empty pot. After break up: Boy To Girl: Kahan Chal Di Kaha Chal Di Pyar Ki Pungi Baja K?

Girl:-Hi janu, i hav no balance, plz 100 ka rechge krva do..

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone.

because they know that somewhere a sweet & innocent girl is learning to be responsible for them.

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