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China does not only have a flourishing mobile app market, it is also a unique one.

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For the most funny things for sale, check out our Photoapp Pitu (天天P图) is all the rage this year.

Never before did a free photo app come with so many possibilities.

Since the end of 2014, all Google services, including Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps or Google Play, have been cut off.

The absence of these major Western app services has created a distinctive Chinese app environment, where alternative brands such as Baidu, Weibo or Weixin dominate the market. Because of the blockage of Google Play and China’s flourishing domestic app market, Chinese Android users download their apps through a variety of app stores.

You can also take a normal picture of your friends and later turn them into proper dragqueens (sorry! Dou Pai is an original video app where personal images can be placed in pre-made scenes. Different from the My Idol app, this app also allows two users to be in the same scene together; like two tigers holding hands in the woods, for example. 3 million of Blued’s users are located outside of China.

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