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Admirers of Star Trek and more particularly Star Wars will find much to admire in this fine and enduringly famous science fiction classic.] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Wikipedia Ann and her Mother (1922) [One of the early Priorsford novels, set in the Scottish Borders region in the valley of the River Tweed Wikipedia.Like all of Anna Buchan's novels, chiefly concerned with everyday doings, and therefore easy to relate to: unpretentious, captivating, and classic.] Project Gutenberg US Wikipedia Lost Island (1944) [Novel, not a long one, about an island in the South Seas during the Second World War.Nick Charles was formerly with the Trans-American Detective Agency, but has left all that behind him. "Verdict: Extra-Swell" (Saturday Review, 13 January 1934)] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Wikipedia The Hurricane (1936) Wikipedia [Novel, set in the nineteenth century, about an island in the Tuamotu Archipelago Wikipedia, shared by Polynesians and Europeans, and what happens before, during, and after a major hurricane.

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Science Wonder Stories, who first published the story, described it as "perhaps the greatest short science fiction story of the year." And who would disagree with them?

It has been reprinted many times since its first appearance.] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Wikipedia Past, Present and Future (September 1937) [Science fiction story, involving Kleon, from Greece two millennia ago, Sam Ward, an American of the mid-twentieth century, and their adventures when they enter suspended animation and are awakened after 10,000 years, to find a world transformed!

Has Graydon heard of "the treasure train bringing to Pizarro the ransom of the Inca Atahualpa"? Is he interested in finding this long-lost treasure? But Graydon has no idea of what awaits him: lizard-men, for example, and the Snake Mother. ] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Wikipedia The Building of Jalna (1944) [Novel, telling of the arrival of the Whiteoaks in Canada, and the founding of Jalna, their family home: the first of the Jalna saga's sixteen novels.

The sixteen novels in the series were not published in chronological order: this was the ninth novel, and by the time it appeared the Jalna series was already famous around the world!

Reading, of course, but also painting--which he personally took up at the age of forty!

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